Our Mission

The mission of the Olvera Street Merchants Association Foundation is to celebrate, promote and preserve an understanding and an appreciation of the historical significance that Olvera Street, in El Pueblo Historical Monument, has played in the formation of our diverse city through a wide range of year round programming of activities and traditional events that will serve the greater community as well as international visitors.

Our History

OSMAF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, whose goal is to preserve and promote the traditional, historical, cultural, and educational events and programs that have taken place on Olvera Street for over 80 years. Members of the Board of Directors are current merchants, whose families have been part of the Olvera Street community since its inception in 1930. Though the merchants managed the various events for over 80 years, OSMAF was created in order to serve as a more formalized organization that would oversee and protect the annual traditional events that take place at El Pueblo Historic Monument, home of Olvera Street.

While funding in the past has primarily been provided by the City Council of Los Angeles, recent policy changes discontinued funding. Despite this change, it is our goal to continue these celebrations that honor our history and culture.  In an effort to maintain these events, we created two KickStarter campaigns in 2013 & 2014, which was successful.

Moving forward, OSMAF is looking to work with individual donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors to help keep our events alive. Your contributions will go directly to the beautiful, traditional events on Olvera Street, and will promote their cultural integrity.

Free Admission

Admission is always free to the public, so come check us out!

Supports Small Businesses

Olvera Street is beautiful because of all its' small businesses! Come support and check out our beautiful local shops.

Open 24/7!

Open 7 days a week including holidays. Many merchants have opted to open, 10 am to 5 pm, for some safe holiday cheer.


We follow CDC guidelines and encourage our visitors to stay within the distance guidelines. Stay safe and enjoy the season.

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